Subterranean Annex - Kensington Square

Project Description
Hayden’s were commissioned to undertake an Arboricultural Assessment  (Arboricultural Constraints Plan, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan) for a new subterranean Annex in Kensington Square, Kensington. The key element of the brief was that the proposed annex must not have a detrimental effect on a number of existing trees protected by Tree Preservations Orders within a Conservation Area. The initial site visit, tree inspection and associated Arboricultural Constraints Plan formed a key element of the design process as the aim was to reduce the impact of the development on the trees to be retained to a minimum. This, together with the Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan ensured that the ongoing health and safety of those trees retained was not compromised.

Hayden’s Requirements

  • Site visit and detailed inspection of trees.
  • Preparation of Arboricultural (Tree) Constraints Plan.
  • Liaison with project/design team comprising client, architect, and local planning authority.
  • Specification, tendering, management and reporting on the excavation of a root inspection trench to provide specific details of root activity in relation to the proposed development.
  • Preparation of Arboricultural Impact Assessment on finalised layout.
  • Preparation of Tree Protection Plan.
  • Attendance at pre- application meeting with local planning authority.
  • Tendering and managing tree works.
  • Arboricultural monitoring of the construction phase and completion of the development.

Project Challenges
Given the restricted nature of the site and associated tree constraints our arboricultural input into the design element of the project was essential to ensure the reduction of potential damage to the protected trees to a minimum. Consequently, to ensure the protection and retention of these trees it was essential to map the extent of the roots in relation to the proposed development. Through a detailed analysis of the existing roots and use of innovative and bespoke engineering design, we were able to provide a suitable design and associated services with the minimum amount of loss or damage to the trees roots. The high level of concern about the loss or damage to tree roots required a diplomatic approach to the project both during the tree inspection stage and the planning application, with Hayden’s liaising with all interested parties. Clear and accurate presentation of the proposed tree management on the site as part of the application ensured that concerns raised about the loss of trees were allayed.

Project particulars

  • Architect – Stamos Yeo