Melton Park Management Company

Project Description
Hayden’s were commissioned to undertake a Health and Safety Audit of all trees that are a potential risk to the residents and public living and working within Melton Park, Melton, Suffolk. Following initial meetings and close liaison with the Residents Management Committee and Hopkins Homes Limited a programme of inspection and reporting was produced to allow for an ongoing inspection, reporting and management regime. The regime is easy to budget for and reduces the need for unforeseen costs relating to reactive tree management, ensuring the long-term management of tree health on the Park. The initial site visit and tree inspection, associated schedule of trees and schedule of necessary tree works was produced for the whole site. The necessary works were all given a priority and identified on plans. Following the initial urgent tree works a three year rolling programme of tree inspection and works was agreed that was within the Management Committee’s budget and continues to ensure the ongoing health and safety of both the trees, people and property in the immediate vicinity.

Hayden’s Requirements

  • Liaison with the Melton Park Management Committee to identify  and prioritise ‘Risk Zones’ on the park.
  • Site visit and inspection of trees.
  • Preparation of Tree Survey (Health and Safety) Report and associated plans (1. Works Priority Plan, 2. Safe Useful Life Expectancy Plan).
  • Preparation of a three year rolling programme of tree inspection and management to comply with budgetary constraints.
  • Specification and tendering of necessary tree works in liaison with the Management Committee.
  • Presentation of Annual Report at Residents Association AGM.
  • Liaison with local planning authority with regards tree protection and applications for works to protected trees (tree preservation orders/conservation areas).
  • Liaison with individual landowners/residents with regards tree inspection and works.

Project Challenges
Given the high density of dwellings within wooded areas or alongside avenues and woodland the potential risk to persons and property from tree failure could be very high if not managed. Liaison with the park’s Management committee was essential to prevent any disruption to the day to day management of the park and residents lives. An early assessment of the key areas of risk on the park together with an assessment of the levels of both public and resident use allowed for a targeted assessment of the trees, thereby keeping costs to a minimum whilst ensuring that a comprehensive assessment of the tree related risks was undertaken. This has ensured that the costs for ongoing management of the trees on the park is kept to a minimum. 

Melton Park Management Company