Local Authority Outsourcing

Every Hayden’s consultant has previous experience of working within Local Authority Planning as Arboricultural/Tree Officers. We intuitively understand tree management and planning issues,  and therefore are ideally placed to act as consultants to Local Authority Planning Departments.

What you get?
As in-house consultants we can assist with all tree and planning related issues on an ad-hoc basis, or provide cover in the absence of an Arboricultural Officer. We can assist with:

  • Applications to work on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), conservation areas or planning conditions.
  • Consult on planning applications where trees are an issue.
  • Assist with appeals and enforcement.
  • Advise on tree policy development, tree stock management, tree risk assessment and planning guidance.
Our Technology:
  • Latest rugged field computers with internet connection – with GPS sub metre accuracy with ability to upload – topographical survey, background drawings, photographs.
  • Picus Tomograph – ultrasonic decay detection to assess structural integrity of trees.
  • CAD - dedicated team of CAD experts to produce easy to understand drawings that illustrate the trees’ impact on buildings.
  • Root Identification through DNA analysis.

Our Expertise:
We are experts in dealing with digital planning systems, such as ‘Uniform’ and a variety of GIS software packages, enabling us to implement cover with limited disruption to other Local Planning Authority staff. By using Hayden’s you can also be assured of:

  • Consistency, quality and a high level of detail from every member of our team.
  • A team that is passionate about their work provide the highest level of quality at all times.