Hayden’s provide professional, concise, accurate and visually engaging tree reports, using the latest technology and our in depth knowledge, enabling our clients from development companies, architects and planning consultants to expedite planning permission. Utilising the latest technology and our in depth knowledge of the public and private planning and development sectors we provide visually engaging, accessible and intuitive reports that combine seamlessly with design drawings. Our reports are deemed market leading by local authority tree officers.

What you get?
Hayden’s are committed to providing clients with succinct, easy to understand reports as required by planning authorities to facilitate planning permissions. Our professional reports combine seamlessly with development plans to give an integrated assessment of the impact of development on the trees and visa versa.

  • Initial Tree Constraint Plan – professional CAD drawings and  tree schedule detailing dimensions and quality of all trees on site and their arboricultural constraints, for use as a design tool by the project team.
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Preliminary Method Statement – proof to the Local Authority that you understand the impact of the development proposal and any remedial action required: e.g.: encroaching on Root Protection Zones, special foundations, any specific remedial tree surgery requirements etc.
  • Single site visit for data collection - quick, efficient, accurate, comprehensive data collection. Collection and assessment of all data required (up to 40 individual elements per tree, site levels, ground conditions and context assessment) for the successful submission of an arboricultural impact assessment.
Our Technology:
  • Latest rugged field computers with internet connection – supplying GPS sub metre accuracy that are tailored to upload topographical surveys, background drawings, photographs.
  • Picus Tomograph – ultrasonic decay detection to assess structural integrity of trees.
  • CAD and AUTOCAD – dedicated team of CAD experts to produce drawings of development area overlaid onto architect plans, allowing for seamless, fast and accurate communication between all members of the project team and client.

Our Expertise:
Working with Hayden’s gives you access to a commercially aware partner who is pro-development and intrinsically understands the process and regulation of planning approval. This expertise ensures reports are presented in a way that tree officers can identify with, minimising rework and ultimately saving time.

  • 60+ years combined experience in both commercial and public sector (tree officer) roles.
  • Detailed knowledge and practical experience of the development processes and key aspects of architecture – soil, foundations etc.
  • Nationally recognised, professional, highly respected experts, involved in policy making.
  • Regional/National and International experience and reach.