Mortgage & Insurance

Hayden’s provide home/land owners and buyers with an accurate assessment of the implication of trees on their properties. This enables them to make an informed decision about either progressing with a sale/purchase or challenging the findings of subsidence claims. We rapidly provide accurate plans (recognising that speed as well as outcomes are particularly important for mortgage approvals) showing all trees in relation to buildings and their impact, collected in one visit using the latest technology.

What you get?
During a single site visit, within 1-5 days of the request, we collect all the data required on the trees in question and soil conditions – using the latest technology. Our reports will then be emailed to you and the mortgage company within 1 week:

  • Mortgage Tree Survey – showing all the trees in relation to the property; what likely impact the tree(s) and their roots have on the property, what condition the trees are in and what remedial works are required to mitigate the risks and manage the trees in the future.
  • Subsidence Report – working as part of a team of allied professions, we will provide a report on specific trees implicated in subsidence investigations. These bespoke reports make it as clear as is possible to all parties the role of the tree in a subsidence case with topographical/3D and photographic diagrams to aid interpretation.
Our Technology:
  • Latest rugged field computers with internet connection – with GPS sub metre accuracy with ability to upload – topographical survey, background drawings, photographs.
  • Picus Tomograph – ultrasonic decay detection to assess structural integrity of trees.
  • CAD - dedicated team of CAD experts to produce easy to understand drawings that illustrate the trees’ impact on your building.
  • Root Identification through DNA analysis.

Our Expertise:
In choosing Hayden’s you will have a partner that will be able to help mediate between all conflicting parties and provide the evidence required to bring the matter to a close.

  • A commitment to provide the answer that is right – not just what everyone wants to hear. 
  • Established in 1996, with years of experience in analysing the impact trees have on buildings – so have seen almost everything countless times.
  • Knowledge of the causes of subsidence and the infrequency of trees as a factor.