Health & Safety

Hayden’s provide professional health and safety assessments of trees and tree stocks enabling our clients from large estates, stud farms, councils (parish, local, district and county) and public schools to understand and manage any risk to and from their tree stocks. While we look at your entire stock we will only record ‘risks’ where it is necessary - using our experience and judgement to make pragmatic decisions – thus keeping the cost manageable.

What you get?
Our tree risk assessment always starts with understanding our client priorities (safety, aesthetic, high risk areas, shooting cover, horse safety etc), so that we only record risks where necessary. We will quickly, efficiently and accurately collect all the data (up to 40 individual elements per tree) needed in one site visit. Our visually engaging, accessible and intuitive tree risk assessment report includes:

  • Colour coded diagram showing highest priority areas and life expectancy drawings detailing all at risk trees.
  • Fully specified schedules of tree works for tree surgeons/contractors.
  • Identification of legal obligation with regards to Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), conservation areas, felling licenses and planning conditions.
Our Technology:
  • Latest rugged field computers with internet connection – supplying GPS sub metre accuracy that are tailored to upload topographical surveys, background drawings, photographs.
  • Picus Tomograph – ultrasonic decay detection to assess structural integrity of trees.
  • CAD - dedicated team of CAD experts to produce easy to understand drawings that visually displays all your at risk tree stock with clarity.
  • QTRA assessment – to provide a  quantifiable, defendable,  scaled  tree risk assessment.

Our Expertise:
Hayden’s are a partner who will understand your business – from the needs of the country economy (shooting, farming, studs) and the concerns of commercial developers to maintaining aesthetic appeal for public schools.

  • Members of the team have managed complete tree stocks for various local authorities for over 20 years.
  • Instrumental in the creation of the national standard for tree health and safety.
  • We assess approximately 30,000 trees annually.