Enfield Borough Council – Capital Assets Review and Disposal

Project Description
Hayden’s were commission to undertake Arboricultural Assessments of all trees on and adjacent to sites within and owned by Enfield Borough Council that have been identified for disposal as part of the council land review. The assessment of the trees and the preparation of a tree survey and Tree Constraints Plan assisted in the financial assessment of the site prior to disposal by defining the development envelop within the site. This is an ongoing project where following disposal by the Council Hayden’s have in the majority of cases been an integral part of the development team, taking the site through to a planning application. The initial assessment on behalf of the Council comprised the following: 

  • Consultation and liaison with the architect and client.
  • Preparation of project management plan and associated time scales for delivery.
  • Site visit and detailed inspection of trees, woodlands and hedges on and adjacent to the site in line with BS5837.
  • Preparation of tree survey, schedule of trees, schedule of works.
  • Preparation of Tree Constraint Plan and report.
  • Liaison with applicant project/design teams comprising client, architect, planning consultant.
  • Delivery of both digital and hardcopies of report.
  • Preparation of presentations for planning committees.

Project Challenges
Given the programme of asset disposal there were usually tight time constraints with project delivery being required as soon as possible to secure disposal. Through the use of our Trimble handheld GPS system data collection was both fast, clear and accurate, ensuring that at the baseline data on which any further design and development of the sites would depend was reliable, clear and accurate, and most of all delivered within the necessary time frames. As mentioned above our delivery of the service to date has ensured that we are maintained as an integral part of the capital asset disposal team.

Project particulars

  • Client – Enfield Borough Council

Similar Clients

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