Hendon – Tenterden Gardens

Project Description
Hayden’s were commissioned to undertake an assessment of a tree in relation to a mortgage application and house purchase. Given the nature of house purchase and the associated time constraints, we visited the site the following day to inspect the tree and prepare a report. On inspection it was clear that the tree was the cause of considerable structural damage to the property and had the potential to cause further damage if not dealt with. Following an appraisal of the situation it was clear that prior to going any further with the purchase the client should instruct a structural engineer to a assess the existing damage and also the potential damage that could be caused by both the retention of the tree and its removal and the necessary structural works to ensure the ongoing safety of the dwelling. 

Hayden’s Requirements

  • Site visit and detailed inspection of trees’ condition in relation to existing and ongoing structural integrity of the dwelling.
  • Preparation of Tree Survey and Plan and schedule of work - with recommendations for future action.
  • Liaison with the client, structural engineers and owner.
  • Preparation of Tree Management Plan in consultation with the structural engineer.
  • Liaison with local planning authority with regards tree preservation orders and conservation area designation.

Project Challenges
Given the contentious nature of the tree and the pressure for a quick resolution by the client, we ensured that the site was visited within 24 hours. On inspection it was clear that the tree posed a considerable risk to the structural integrity of dwelling.  Given this it was recommended that the client seek the advice of a structural engineer prior to progressing with the purchase of the dwelling. A management plan for the tree and management of the damage to the dwelling was then prepared by Hayden’s and the consulting engineer, leading to a successful sale.