Flempton Golf Club – Picus Tomograph

Project Description
Hayden’s were commissioned to undertake a detailed inspection of a single mature poplar overhanging the golf course following concerns raised by a member on discovery of a ‘fungus’ at the base of the tree. The tree was a mature specimen leaning heavily over the principle access to the clubhouse and 18th green. The tree had a number of fruiting bodies of the pathogen Ganoderma applamatum, a progressive root and butt decay fungi, at the base of the main stem, and clearly constituted a potential risk to those using or visiting the golf course.

Hayden’s Requirements

  • Initial meeting with the head green keeper and cursory inspection of tree and associated risk.
  • Site visit and inspection of the base of the tree with a Picus Tomograph – Ultrasonic decay detection equipment.
  • Preparation and interpretation of the data (Picus Tomograph).
  • Preparation of Tree Survey (Health and Safety) Report and recommendations.
  • Specification and tendering of necessary tree works in liaison with the client.
  • Liaison with local planning authority with regards tree protection and applications for works to protected trees (tree preservation orders/conservation areas).

Project Challenges
Given the high visual amenity of the tree in relation to the clubhouse and greens, there was a natural reluctance to see the tree removed. However following the extensive investigations with the Picus tomography and the associated interpretation of the data, it was quite clear that it was not viable to retain the tree and maintain a safe environment for those persons and property in the immediate vicinity. Through the clear and accurate presentation of the tree data to the management committee we were able to explain the levels of decay, associated risk and necessary action. Whilst there was a natural reluctance to see the tree go the works were undertaken and the level of decay clearly exposed for all to see.  A new tree has now been planted to replace the poplar and ensure the ongoing tree cover on the course.

Flempton Golf Club