Our Services

We provide a comprehensive, efficient and reliable service covering all aspects of Arboriculture from tree surveys to tree planting. Based in East Anglia, we are able to provide a UK wide service, and utilise bespoke computer technology to ensure speed, clarity and accuracy of our reports, plans and shade analysis.

Our highly experienced, motivated team are able to provide assistance across the following areas:

Planning: Professional tree reports enabling clients from development companies, architects, landscape architects and planning consultants to expedite planning permission. Utilising the latest technology and our in depth knowledge of the public and private planning and development sectors we provide visually engaging, accessible and intuitive reports that combine seamlessly with design drawings. Our reports are deemed market leading by local authority tree officers.

Health & Safety: Professional health and safety assessments of trees and tree stocks enabling our clients from Large Estates, Stud Farms, Councils (Parish, Local, District & County) and Public Schools to understand and manage any risk to and from their tree stocks. While we look at your entire stock we will only record ‘risks’ where it is necessary - using our experience and judgement to make pragmatic decisions – thus keeping the cost manageable.

Mortgage & Insurance: Accurate assessments of the implications of trees on property for home/land owners and buyers. This enables them to make an informed decision about either progressing with a sale/purchase or challenging the findings of subsidence claims. We rapidly provide accurate plans (recognising that speed as well as outcomes are particularly important for mortgage approvals) showing all trees in relation to buildings and their impact, collected in one visit using the latest technology.

Local Authority Outsourcing: As in-house consultants we can assist with all tree and planning related issues on an ad-hoc basis, or provide cover in the absence of an Arboricultural Officer.

Ecology: In association with our partner company, Practical Ecology Ltd, Hayden’s are pleased to be able to provide a range of ecological services.