Landscape Design Services

Soft Landscaping/Planting Plans, Horticultural Design Statements,

Landscape Method Statements and Programmes of Maintenance

Planning Applications are often approved with a series of “Conditions” which need to be fulfilled prior to work starting on site. Hayden’s Arboricultural Consultants have the expertise to provide drawings and reports to satisfy the Soft Landscape Conditions through their resident Horticultural Consultant.

The details required within Planning Conditions vary between Local Authorities and also between individual sites, so each drawing and report produced is based on a standard template and then individually tailored in order to address the specific issues raised. As an example most Soft Landscaping Conditions will require:

A planting plan for the site drawn to a scale of not less than 1:200;

  • Written specification, including cultivation and other operations associated with plant and grass establishment;
  • Schedules of plants noting species, plant sizes and proposed numbers/densities;

Some Local Authorities will also require additional information to support the Design and Access Statement and Hayden’s are able to fulfil this requirement with their bespoke Horticultural Contribution to the Design And Access Statement. This report addresses the soft landscaping strategy through covering the following aspects of the site:

 Soil types;

  • Character of the surrounding area;
  • Purpose of the soft landscaping;
  • Choice of plants;
  • Maintenance during the establishment phase;
  • Long term maintenance;

The Local Authority may also request a landscape method statement to detail aftercare along with a programme of maintenance for a specified period of time (either 3 or 5 years post-planting).  Hayden’s have the expertise to fulfil this condition through their Landscape Method Statement & Programme of Maintenance by creating a report tailored to each individual site.

We have numerous years of experience working with soft landscape development as part of the planning process.

Our Horticultural Consultant is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and previously worked for several Local Authorities for over thirty years.

This, together with working alongside all the allied professions required to facilitate and provide the highest quality development on such projects as the Colchester Garrison, Essex Schools, Suffolk County Highways, Heathrow Terminal 5, The Belfry Golf Course, Ascot, Sandown Park & Newmarket Racecourses, Swiss Gardens Renovation and Anglia Ruskin University demonstrates that we have the capability to ensure your projects needs can and will be provided in full. We have developed a comprehensive package to deal with, and communicate all potential issues raised by trees, soft landscape and development.