Busy, busy, busy...

It’s been a busy time at Hayden’s recently with many new and exciting projects on the go. Firstly, we are glad to announce the further expansion of our South West Office with a new arboriculturalist Caspar Searle joining the Team. We are all looking forward to Caspar starting imminently, with a week at the Head Office to meet the Team and learn the systems and protocols we use and then off to our South West Office to get out and about with Nick for a baptism of fire looking at potential new development and restructuring of the Surrey & Kent Golf Course.

At Head Office we are delighted to have Matthew Plane-Da’Silva join our Team of Arboricultural Consultants from Norwich City Council and Alex Turner return to Hayden’s after completing his degree at Bangor. Both bring great enthusiasm and a fresh look at what is going on in the arboricultural consultancy and are both jolly nice chaps.

Our CAD Team continue to review & develop systems to improve the way we collect and present data, the most pressing of which is to see how we can implement BIM within Arboriculture and review best packages for presentation of 3D tree data. We are already undertaking 3D surveys of trees as part of Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Arboricultural Method Statements, which is proving very useful on contentious and tight sites, principally within London. This is something we hope to develop further when and where it can be of use to those using the information.

In terms of interesting projects we never seem to stop being surprised at the wide scope we are engaged to work on, such as a review of the Sandringham Estate, their gardens, new arboretum and general health and safety assessment. This is a remarkable Garden and Estate and we feel honoured to be asked to work here. Another project recently completed is the Health and Safety Risk Assessment of all trees belonging to Ipswich Borough Council which, whilst challenging us to devise a new system of risk appraisal, has been completed with great success. The ever-increasing opportunities for development within the Eastern Regions and the South West provide no end of interesting projects, all of which the Team delight in tackling. Our ongoing relationship with McDonalds Restaurants keeps us all busy with projects all over the UK and whilst often maligned, it is nice to know that they do have a very conscientious approach to trees on development sites and get us in at the earliest opportunity to review future locations.

We continue to act on behalf of The Broads Authority dealing with all the tree and planning works, acting as the Arboricultural Officer, as well as assisting a number of other Local Planning Authorities with their Tree and Planning obligations and Tree Preservation Order reviews, all of which allow us to keep up to date with ever changing Planning and Development Legislation.

All of this maintains us at the forefront of what are exciting times within the Arboricultural, Planning and Development field and keeps all of the team on their toes.  I can’t help but feel we are all very lucky to be working with trees and the environment; and long may it last!

Should you wish to discuss any of the above do get in touch.

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