Channel 4’s GRAND DESIGNS West Suffolk Episode

Don’t miss the link below for the West Suffolk Episode of the latest series of Channel 4’s GRAND DESIGNS. Our congratulations to clients Toby and Libby on their successful and stunning build. The concept was to build a complex home around an old Oak tree and our consultant Alex Turner took on the task of surveying on behalf of Hayden’s. A tricky site from an arboricultural perspective with the restrictions caused by the Root Protection Area’s resolved by lifting the series of interconnected modular constructed buildings off the ground with small pad foundations. We’ve included a sneak peek of the CAD drawing from our Arboricultural Method Statement for those of you who enjoy a more detailed look at the design process.

Photo credits for pictures of the finished project are below: 

Jefferson Smith (Header Photo) 

Hartest Lake 05 - Fremantle

Freemantle (Above)

Hartest lake Grand Designs

Grand Designs (Above)

Hartest Lake CAD

Hayden's AMS Drawing (Above)